Nearly five years ago we took a couple of years break (1 million minutes) from jobs in Oil & Gas to pursue a mission so audacious and so improbably, we dared not tell anyone our true goal.

It looked like we were building an off-grid house. But the real goal, was to generate and store energy cheaper than fossil fuels.

The rules were simple – maximize energy generation and minimize its use. The result; a patented modular steel structure covered in the highest density of solar panels on the planet. Fabricated by robots and built by hand without cranes, scaffolding or earth works.

We’re finally there – Iron Matrix structures pay for themselves through the energy they produce. They’re structures with free electricity or, electricity with a free structure.

The market for energy is measured in trillions. The market for construction is measured in trillions. The market for a lower cost combination of energy and construction is greater than the sum of their parts.

We’re looking for strategic partners. Preferably a solar panel manufacturer and/or a steel producer. Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’re quite sure you’ll see the opportunity of a lifetime and, the chance to be part of a genuine energy revolution.