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Clean Energy Structures

Our Mission

To generate, store and deliver the cheapest energy on the planet.

How we do it

We build Energy Wealth by maximizing energy generated while minimizing energy used.

What we do

Iron Matrix is a patented, modular steel construction technology that allows anyone to make buildings out of solar panels.

Robot manufactured parts, flat-packed for transport and hand installed without cranes, scaffolding or earth works.

Integrated Solar

Solar panels replace traditional building materials to provide electricity at no incremental cost.

Robot Manufactured

All Iron Matrix parts are robot manufactured from locally sourced materials.

Container Delivery

Iron Matrix parts flat-pack into shipping containers for the fastest and cheapest transportation to site.

Expandable & Reconfigurable

Iron Matrix structures are infinitely reconfigurable and easily expandable. Additional rooms and levels can be added at any time.

Low Impact

The adjustable height piled foundation system requires no earthworks and minimizes impacts on sloped, rocky or environmentally sensitive sites.

Built by You

Iron Matrix can be built by as few as two people without cranes, scaffolding or heavy equipment.
Announcements & Media

Another StoryBox

A new StoryBox is being installed this week in Sydney, Darling Harbor. These boxes are covered in solar panels and share stories on double LED screens at a height that will engage passers-by. If you want to know more, follow the link below;...

Backyard Studio

Iron Matrix can be both an easy way to extend your house and a low cost means of clean energy generation. Here's an example of a backyard office that will generate up to 24kWh ($6/day) in electricity.

The Deficit Myth and Energy Wealth

Over the break I read Stephanie Kelton's 'The Deficit Myth'. Released this past June and heralded as the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) bible. Professor Kelton's core premise is that countries with monetary sovereignty, issuers of their own currency, can and should...

Iron Matrix @ Spark Festival

Iron Matrix started with a simple question, "why?". The answer turned out to be 'Energy Wealth'.This year I was fortunate to be asked to present at Spark Festival. Here's the story of Iron Matrix and how reading "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" was...

Solar Sign

The first question potential investors ask; "Who's your target market?".And the absolutely wrong answer is "Everyone".Apparently.But it was the truth. Show us someone who doesn't want a lower cost structure with the cheapest energy and we'll show you someone who isn't...

2020 Energy Innovation of The Year

A big day for the Iron Matrix - Clean Energy Structures team. Last night we were awarded the 2020 Energy Innovation of the Year.For nearly 6 years now, we've been working on an Energy Wealth solution that can genuinely compete with hydrocarbon fossil fuels...

Shopping Centre Carpark

It's time to scale. The killer feature of solar + batteries is what it doesn't have - moving parts. This means that uniquely, solar + batteries can be modularly engineered and scaled without loss of efficiency. Its actually more efficient to locate them as close as...

Off Grid Accommodation

Not for love or money can you find accommodation this Christmas in Western Australia. And if you want an off-grid escape amongst nature, there's zero hope.Seems like a good time for Iron Matrix to build some ultra-low impact, off grid, solar...

Podcast: The Future of Manufacturing and Energy

I had the pleasure of chatting with the very clever gents, Damien and Tim at Nucleus Wealth this week. We spoke on a range of topics including robots, manufacturing and how the impacts of very scalable solar and battery technology will impact industry in the future....

Why we’re different

Iron Matrix was specifically developed to take advantage of the one feature solar panels have but fossil fuels will never have – a flat sheet of glass.

In 2018, solar panels became cheaper than installed structural plywood. However, traditional building structures would stress a solar panel in unacceptable ways. Tempered glass can not be cut or subject to tension or compression. 

Iron Matrix was designed to be a lower cost, strong structural steel framework that allows solar panels to be mounted directly to it.

Interior designs can be fully customized to create the look and feel of any traditional home.

An Iron Matrix roof will de;over 3 times the power for 1/3rd the cost of a Tesla Solar Roof.


Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.

Iron Matrix structures replace traditional building materials with solar panels to provide electricity at no incremental cost. 

Combined with the latest battery technology, Iron Matrix can generate, store and deliver energy cheaper than fossil fuels. 

Iron Matrix Home can Generate

kWh of electricity per day

dollars saved on annual Energy Bills

and kilograms of C02 each year

*Avergage size home 200sm, 0.6kWh/sm

The Iron Matrix Prototype

The prototype Iron Matrix home was built in Western Australia, 50 minutes North of Perth on a 20 degree slope overlooking a waterfall and a National Park. Foundations were set in a range of soil, clay and solid granite.

The structure was built to ‘lock-up’ in 100 days by only 2 people in 2017/18. No cranes, no scaffolding and no heavy equipment. All materials were transported down a 300 meter dirt track on a trailer behind a four wheel drive.

There are 41 solar panels in total. 30 on the North-East and North-West walls. It is estimated that these panels will have ~50% efficiency but are effectively free given they are as cheap as almost all other cladding materials. 11 more panels are used as solar awnings to provide ~30kWh of energy per day. 

The prototype home will be 100% off-grid with a hydronic HVAC system and a 24 Volt DC power system throughout. It is located in a bushfire hazard zone (BAL 12.5) and will collect all rainwater.


Patented Design

Iron Matrix can be configured, reconfigured or expanded to suit your evolving needs. Modules can be joined and stacked in any configuration.

The patented structural steel parts are removed from within the structure to create rooms during or after construction. Foundations are made from the same Iron Matrix steel parts, cut to suit the topography of any site.  



Who Are We
Iron Matrix was founded by people who previously worked in the Oil & Gas Industry all over the world.

They understand the energy of yesterday and the energy of tomorrow. 


David has worked as an Engineer, Commercial Manager and Project Manager for international energy projects. He designed and developed Iron Matrix.  “Energy obsessed” David Morgan

CEO, Co-Founder

Jacob has worked in a wide varietry of roles in Energy and Technology industries. He has a background in Mechatronics and Automation.

Jacob Doogue

COO, Chief Operations Officer

Carley has global experience in Government Relations, Remote and Indigenous Community and Stakeholder Engagement and Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment. “Humanitarian at heart” Carley Morgan

Communications & External Affairs, Co-Founder

John has 25 years of Building and Construction experience over a wide variety of roles before joining Iron Matrix in 2015. He skills extend to planning, logistics and supply chain management. John Jorritsma

Construction Manager

Over his 30 year tenure, Greg oversaw Fleetwood’s value grow from $160k to over $700million. He brings an enormous breadth and depth of building and modular construction experience to Iron Matrix. Greg Tate

Advisor, Ex-CEO Fleetwood Australia

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