Iron Matrix can be internally finished the same way as any traditional home. Because the structure has no diagonal bracing through the walls of roof. Whole modules (laundry, kitchen bathroom etc) can be slid in from the side or dropped into an Iron Matrix structure at any time.

Challenging Sites

It wasn’t enough to design a house that anyone could build. We wanted a house that anyone could build, any where. The first Iron Matrix home was built on the side of a rather intimidating 20-30 degree hill that even these pictures don’t quite do justice to. If you drop something round, like a roll…

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In The News

Iron Matrix made the news for the first time last week. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. We’re still trying to catch up on emails. Thank you and everyone who has contacted us with kind words of support and encouragement.  

Free Solar

In 2005, Iron Matrix was just an idea. I worked in the Oil and Gas industry and no one there felt any threat from solar panels which cost over five dollars per watt. By comparison, five dollars worth of diesel generates the same amount of electricity for 50,000 hours (6 years). But there were two…

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Suburban Edition

A lot of people ask if Iron Matrix can be used to build a more typical home. Here’s an example of Iron Matrix in suburbia.


Iron Matrix aims to be a better house for a lower cost by designing all parts for autonomous fabrication. Here’s the first Iron Matrix robot. It welds 10 times faster than a human, saving 20 minutes per piece. Plus, welds are 100% consistently repeated. There are 500 of these pieces in the first Iron Matrix…

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Its Not Camping

That glorious feeling of waking up amoungst nature when camping. But without the camping.

Bedroom Rendering

An updated rendering of an Iron Matrix bedroom layout.

Solar Awnings

For 2 years I’ve been trying to work out how to make awnings for Iron Matrix. The CAD model has 16 different layers for this item which means I thought I had it right 16 times previously. I really didn’t want to spend money on something that blocked the sun that wasn’t a solar panel.…

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Betting on PV

The world is changing. For the last hundred years we as a planet enjoyed the enormous benefits of fossil fuel production. What’s was so amazing about this energy source was the shear amount of energy returned for the amount of energy required to extract. It used to be 20-40 times (20-40x). But not anymore. As…

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