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The new Iron Matrix fabrication shop is being set up. Soon we’ll be supplying Iron Matrix steel to customers.

EnergyLab Event

I’ll be sharing our Iron Matrix experiences alongside Jemma Green (Powerledger Chair) and Greg Morrison (Curtin Professor, Sustainability) at the Perth EnergyLab event on Tuesday, starting at 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the discussion on uncovering WA’s clean energy opportunities. Chaired by EnergyLab’s father, the delicately wooded, Piers Grove.

In The News

Iron Matrix made the news for the first time last week. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. We’re still trying to catch up on emails. Thank you and everyone who has contacted us with kind words of support and encouragement.  

First Pitch

First ever Pitch for Iron Matrix and we managed to beat out over 100 companies to make it to the main stage of the StartCon Pitch Competition in Sydney. An exciting day to say the least. Very grateful to StartCon and the sponsors who provided prizes (WooliesX, Freelancer, IBM & MYOB)

Design Rules

A number of design rules got applied to this build. “No externally visible screws or bolts” was insanely difficult to stick to over the course of an entire build. On Friday we sat and stared at those 3 barge boards for 4 hours trying to work out how to attach them without visible fixings. We…

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Decking stringers attach directly to all of the roof panels on an Iron Matrix home making the whole roof a possible living space.


This week we transition to being off-grid by adding batteries and charger/ inverters. By the time we’re finished we’ll have 12 kilowatts of panels and an extra few extra from wind turbines. That *should* be enough to provide more than enough energy for our daily needs and if it’s not, we just have to add…

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Video Summary

We made an Iron Matrix Video Summary  

95% Complete – Lockup

The last few steps before we can claim lock-up are the awnings and sealing the roof and walls. One of the good things about being able to reconfigure is that you can move thinks like opening windows and glass. The bad thing is that we’re still moving them as we try to settle on an internal…

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Last Design Element

The last element to be designed were the doors. The first set of doors took 3 years to design, make and install. The second, third and fourth set of doors took 3 hours. As of today we have a definite “inside” and “outside”.

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