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The new Iron Matrix fabrication shop is being set up. Soon we’ll be supplying Iron Matrix steel to customers.

EnergyLab Event

I’ll be sharing our Iron Matrix experiences alongside Jemma Green (Powerledger Chair) and Greg Morrison (Curtin Professor, Sustainability) at the Perth EnergyLab event on Tuesday, starting at 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the discussion on uncovering WA’s clean energy opportunities. Chaired by EnergyLab’s father, the delicately wooded, Piers Grove.

Architectural Evolutions

We’re getting architects involved now to create  a range of alternative structures, shapes and finishes.  

Future Sustainable Building

Traditional sustainable construction minimized the amount of energy used in a fossil fuel powered world. The future of sustainable construction will be about efficiently harnessing the abundance of natural, clean energy.


An examples of an Iron Matrix weekender where you can recharge yourself and your car.

Australian Technologies Competition

Iron Matrix has been fortunate to have been selected as a Semi-Finalist in the 2018 Australian Technologies Competition.

Business Insider

Very please to be selected as one of the finalists for the Business Insider/ Gizmodo grant competition.


Iron Matrix can be internally finished the same way as any traditional home. Because the structure has no diagonal bracing through the walls of roof. Whole modules (laundry, kitchen bathroom etc) can be slid in from the side or dropped into an Iron Matrix structure at any time.

Challenging Sites

It wasn’t enough to design a house that anyone could build. We wanted a house that anyone could build, any where. The first Iron Matrix home was built on the side of a rather intimidating 20-30 degree hill that even these pictures don’t quite do justice to. If you drop something round, like a roll…

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In The News

Iron Matrix made the news for the first time last week. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. We’re still trying to catch up on emails. Thank you and everyone who has contacted us with kind words of support and encouragement.  

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