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30% Glass On

Nearly a third of the glass panels are now installed. We need to work out how to finish the glass down to the ground. All the panels we have are tempered glass which means, no way to cut them and same with the solar panels. It would be a crime to cut a perfectly good…

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Glass Phase

Today marks the beginning of the Glass Phase. There’s about a hundred and fifty more to mount in the frames and install. We can do about six per day so in another 25 work days the glass box on a hill will be just that.

Last Steel

It’s been a busy month for the construction department, all two of us. The last pieces of structural steel were put in place Monday. That’s about 8 tonnes of steel all installed by hand, no crane and using the structure as its own scaffolding. The next milestone will be lock up.

Front Profile

The front profile is now full of steel. This is as wide and tall as its going to get but there is nothing stopping us adding to the structure at a later date.

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