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The First Last

The last stage of foundation steel started going in this week. It’s getting hot but luckily we’d built some shade earlier.

Roof On

10th October – 10th December 2016 Everything here has been installed by hand. Two left ones and two right ones to be exact with another couple prepping the parts. No heavy machinery, no scaffolding and all built from the inside out. Roof went on this week and next we’ll go back to foundations for the…

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Wind Tunnel

Sometimes wind turbine manufacturers cheat. They claim improved efficiency for a given swept blade area but what they really do is funnel wind into it without counting the cross-sectional area of the funnel. Our wind turbine will be a massive cheat. We used to live in a tall apartment that had a corridor at the…

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Had a few days off site this week to travel to Sydney but was able to spend one day putting up solar panels. At the start of this job I bought a couple of 6 meter chain blocks. They’re a pain to carry around with all that chain until you need to raise something 6…

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