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Fire Break

Spent time this week clearing firebreaks so not so much progress on the build other than the next half a strip of solar panels and form work for foundation slabs around¬†piles that didn’t penetrate rock.

14 Days of Steel

This is what 2 people and 14 days of Iron Matrix steel installation can build. All has gone smoothly and each day we seem to work out how to do things quicker and quicker. We’re now well over half way through the structural steel work. We’ve used some bolts…. It’s going to be sad when…

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Technical Knowledge

The only technical knowledge one needs to build an Iron Matrix home is “righty tighty” and “lefty loosey”. More tighty than loosey. Good weather has permitted some good progress over the last few weeks. The flooring cassettes can be easily moved around but we still don’t trust that rain will hold off long enough to…

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Time Lapse

Nine days of work compressed into thirty five seconds.

Level 2 Next

All the steel is now in on Phase 2, Level 1 Of the first Iron Matrix home. Next week after we lock all the steel into a perpendicular position, we can start progressing Level 2. This whole construction is an exercise in repeating assemblies. What might take an hour the first time can be done…

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