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Time Lapse

It was finally good weather for four dry days in row and we were able to make some pretty good progress installing steel on the first Iron Matrix structure.

Fly Around

A quick fly around the CAD model. What’s quick to watch took 48 hours to generate….

Phase 1 – Foundations

Foundations are by far the most labor intensive part of the Iron Matrix ¬†build. We’ve decided (just last week) that we’ll split the rest of the house into 2 phases. Why? Because we were getting bored of doing the same thing for 3 weeks in a row. So here’s the end of Phase 1 –…

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Time Lapse

A quick time lapse of the few hours it took to install foundation steel on an Iron Matrix home. Perth has had its wettest September in over 50 years which has slowed down site work but next week things look like they will turn fine.

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