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Phase II Foundation

Plenty of poor weather days meant only 3 days at site over 2 weeks. In one day we managed to install enough steel for 3 modules and the next day we core drilled all the pile. Another 12 verticals went to the galvanizer and are now waiting to be cut to size for the foundations. In…

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Module #6

We had a full 3 days of fine weather this week so was able to make good progress. 6 foundation modules are now in. Of the 14 piles, 10 of them went through rock. It’s slow progress drilling through but we can be rest assured that they’re not going anywhere once the concrete gets poured…

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We had some additional testing done with a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer to see if we were getting more bearing strength than what was assumed during the structural certification. We got measurements of 2-5 times more which may reduce total amount of piles and ground level cross-sectional area we need to have but the full analysis…

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Building Permit

Building Permit was received this week so now there is nothing stopping us completing the first Iron Matix build other than a whole heap of hard work. Final approvals bounced between building and planning departments at the local council but in the end all questions were resolved by one very experienced and professional lady in the…

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